Training Delivery

Speaking Engagements - Need a guest lecturer for your class or group? Looking for a dynamic speaker for your next group meeting or conference? I would be honored to address your audience. I truly enjoy sharing my wealth of knowledge in an energetic and engaging way. Fees based on parameters of event.

knowledge management

Knowledge Mapping- What’s your plan for knowledge sharing within your organization? This knowledge management solution will take inventory of documented practices, and where those practices are stored for ease of access for the right people. This process begins with a knowledge audit to clarify the type of information your employees need and possess, barriers to sharing knowledge, knowledge processes and work flow. A snowball sample will allow me to speak with your employees with existing knowledge/resources to find more information and resources to get holistic data. Taking into consideration your corporate culture and attitude of management.

integrated talent management

Succession Planning - Promoting from within saves you time, money, and builds employee engagement. This talent strategy entails identifying and developing potential internal successors for key positions in your organization. Specifically, we will analyze all the components of the critical roles within your organization (Changes impacting the roles, & job requirements and description of duties), create acceleration pools of high potential talent, and develop success profiles for individual development.


Success Profiles - Do you know what’s required to succeed in critical positions within your organization? What does an ideal performer possess in these critical roles? This in-depth talent review ensures that your organizations’ job descriptions are relevant to the reality of the duties and assess every pre-existing requirement. This profile can be used as a benchmark for expected performance for your team.



managing learning programs

The Trio Package: Mission, Vision, and Core Values- Your team can’t get on board with your aspirations if they don’t know them. A mission statements shares who your organization is and what services you provide. A vision statement shares where you are headed in the future. Core values establish the foundation of your workplace culture; expected behaviors and attitudes. I will assess and assist you in creating these introductory factors.


Business strategy and departmental/role alignment- This strategic plan development entails review or establishment of organizational goals with a clear pathway on the responsibility each department/role has on achieving said goals. This strategy will also include the creation of employee action plans.



Performance Improvement/Change Management

Performance Improvement Project- Not seeing the results you desire from your team and for your business? Let me complete a performance improvement project with you! Performance improvement means enhancing or correcting the activities (day-to-day tasks) that affect business results. Specifically, there is current performance and desired performance. The focus is on closing that gap to get you and your organization performing optimally.

As my client, we will work in partnership to determine the need(s) and opportunities for your organization. In doing so we are determining the cause of performance problems. Next, we will design solutions including implementation and evaluation, and ensure solutions’ conformity and feasibility.


The flat fee associated with this service is based on a 3-6-month project scope. The Project completion time frame is based on the results of the needs analysis and responsiveness to projection communication. The project consists of 4 main services: 


  1. Completing a needs analysis (Assessing)

  2. Designing interventions (Creating)

  3. Implementing interventions (Carrying out)

  4. Evaluating interventions (Assessing what worked and what didn’t work)

Services # 1 and #4 can be purchased a la carte (Can be purchased separately for $750 each)