talent development practitioner

Hey! I’m Mechelle Roberthon, and I’m a huge talent development nerd! I easily geek out on things like training delivery, performance improvement, managing learning programs, integrated talent management, knowledge management, interpersonal, business, and personal skills.

Getting even more technical: I do have a Master of Science in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement. All that really means is that I can identify performance gaps through conducting a needs analysis, designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions. In addition, I’m also an experienced career and professional development instructor. I got my start in the industry by teaching career development classes for a GED program.

Since that faithful beginning, I have facilitated over 500 corporate classes with evaluations consistently rating above average. I’ve heard that my dynamic teaching style has become a favorite amongst learners. I believe learning should be both informative and fun!  

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